“I can’t tell you how many times it has been just the perfect thing…coordinating with so many clothes, and just the thing for the air conditioned restaurant.  Thanks for weaving!!”

–Rachel, Iowa


     “I own several of Sarah’s pieces: scarf, shawls and kimono jacket. Under her textiles, I feel l like I am wearing a warm and soft cloud. She has an exquisite sense of color, blending the most unusual combinations to produce a piece that is of a whole…see and feel it yourself.”

–Brant, Montana


     “I have the pleasure of owning several of Sarah’s lovely shawls. I find that I can’t resist having more than one.  Sarah is very knowledgeable in helping me chose colors that compliment my wardrobe and me.  Her creations enhance any outfit that I wear.  I find they pack easily and travel well.  They are very versatile and go well in any climate.  I love wearing them because I always get the nicest compliments.”

–Carol, Montana


“Sarah made me an orange shawl .  Wow, do the colors ever pop!  It’s not just orange, but a combination of different oranges, making the shawl a very attractive piece of “wearable art'”.

–Pascale, Lyon, France


     “When I wear the jacket woven of silk and bamboo dyed in the wildflower colors of Indian paintbrush and shooting stars I feel like I am wearing a new skin that shines with mountain light.”

–Carolyn, Montana


“I have a scarf made by Sarah which I adore.  The quality of her work far surpasses any other handwovens that I have seen.

–Pat, Montana