Artist Statement

I am a studio weaver living and working in the high plains of southwestern Montana. It is here that I gain my inspiration for the colors in the garments that I weave. I use color with a spirited hand, often weaving with unexpected combinations. Ideas come while hiking or skiing in the mountains where I see the blues of lupine on the hills in late spring or the subtle early morning light of winter.

The first time I sat at a loom, I knew I would be a weaver someday. The rhythm of the weaving process, the feel of thread moving through my hands and the resulting cloth I make connect my body and soul.

I find it essential to my artistic life to transform centuries-old traditions into modern interpretations. For example, a viewer of my work will see myriad colors. These are achieved by painting the threads I use before I put them on the loom. Starting with just the primary colors, I mix my own dyes to create surprising colors. Or, looking at a garment I have designed, the viewer will see that I have created a pattern and used the color in the garment in an unusual way to make a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. At the same time, the wearer will find my garments practical. Sometimes I hide a small pocket inside, or make outside pockets just the right size for small necessities.

In all my weaving, I look at design and color as integrated rather than two separate entities. This is how I translate centuries old weaving traditions into 21st century wearable art.